8th Annual Tokatee Scramble to Benefit the Clinic 

 We hope you can join us on August 25, 2019 for the 8th annual Tokatee Scramble. Click the buttons below for information on how to sign up, putting contest, and more.

Marline and Mike VanWyck. Mike is the founder and head organizer of the Tokatee Scramble, a big annual fundraiser for the Clinic. Mike and Marline play in the tournament also. 

Debra Meadow, art show coordinator for the Clinic, hangs art works for the group show on the theme "Red," for Heart Health Month (and Valentine's Day!) in February, 2018.

The 8th annual Tokatee Scramble to benefit the McKenzie River Clinic will be on Sunday, August 25, 2019, at the Tokatee Golf Club on the McKenzie Hwy. We will be bringing people from all over the McKenzie Valley--and friends from farther away--together to support the medical needs of our community and we invite you to join us!

Each year, this fantastically fun day of golf is a significant part of our yearly budget, and your participation is essential in keeping the Clinic open. Because of your support, we are able to provide essential medical services to the McKenzie River Valley community. We can't thank you enough for being a part of it.

We are offering a variety of ways to participate. You or your business can sponsor golf holes, put together a twosome or foursome, donate raffle or silent auction prizes, sign up on your own, volunteer for the day, or make a simple but impactful donation.

Stop by the McKenzie River Clinic in Blue River to pick up the registration form, or call us at 541-822-3341 and have the form sent to you. Your registration -- or donation -- can be mailed to McKenzie River Clinic, PO Box 183, Blue River, OR 97413.

Thank you for keeping the McKenzie River Clinic as a vital service for the hundreds of people we serve.

8th Annual Tokatee Scramble!

Some of our 2018-2019 art shows           and receptions

    (photos left and below)

Art work: "Cerulean"

Artist: Maya Alcott

Mixed media assemblage

In the Clinic gallery, also known as the waiting room, currently showing:

The Blue Show

July and August, 2019

       Blue River.   Blue Pool.

               Deep blue sea.  Blue sky.

The Blues.    Blue memories.

     Baby blues.     Blue moons.

          Blue jays. Blue shoes

 Blue gateways.

Opening reception for artist Annie Margarita (second from left) in spring, 2018.